Put me on the waiting list already!

The book is not yet available to purchase, but you seriously don’t want to miss out!

This might at any time be limited to 1,000,000 copies. Who knows, it might end up as a collector’s item?



Your Guide to Getting Rich Slowly

Not Serious

This book is for you if starting a job, or later in life need to!

Occasionally dull

You have been warned, but only some parts are boring. It is finance after all

Dad jokes abound

I think I am occasionally funny. Maybe you will to?

Easy to read

Personal finance explained in a light hearted way. How good is that?

Who is this book really for?

Every person in Australia who is starting out in maybe their first job, or maybe first in a while and has little to no knowledge of what to do with their new found source of income.

It is for their parents to give to them (hint hint) to set them on the right track to a wonderful future.

It is also for teens and young adults to buy for themselves!

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You need this, your friends need this, your kids need this.