About David

Best selling author | stock market enthusiast |cook | mortgage broker | forensic accountant

David sadly didn’t know when to stop going to University. It hasn’t though made him that smart, just perhaps well read.

He still works so he can’t be that clever.

David qualified from the University of NSW as a geologist and worked mostly in NSW and Queensland as a field geologist for 7 years before working for the Australian Stock Exchange, eventually as Assistant Listing Manager just around the crash of 1987.

Then followed 7 years in private practise as an accountant. In the latter part of that time, he completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Western Australia majoring in International Business.

With that fine piece of paper under his belt he went, well international, and worked on and off in West Africa for another 7 years.

In 2016 he spent time as a forensic accountant, and has done so ever since, again off and on. You can hire him here. Hopefully by the time this book makes him famous he will have redone that website!

In 2020 he joined Liberty Network Services as a Liberty Adviser. David provides mortgage broking services and so much more. You will, and should find him here.

David is married with two grown up children, one of whom, Rachel, made sense out of the book by asking lots of questions which in turn made for some sections to be expanded. 


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