7 Fundamental Steps to Secure Your Personal Finance Base

Your plan is only as good as good as its weakest link

Without a plan you are kind of randomly drifting. You can and should adjust your plan as you discover new possibiliies. OK without further rambling, here are the 7 steps.


Create a Rainy Day Fund

Get in the habit of putting aside at least 10% of what you earn. That is the easy part.
Then leave it the heck alone!

As you build assets - get a Will

If you have dependents, you need a will.
Just do it.

Stop being random - Get a Plan

A plan gives you targets
Targets are good as you can make adjustments to make sure you hit or change your goals.

You work hard to get what you have, so insure it!

Insurance is what should let you sleep at night. You need to think about your car, your house, the stuff inside the house, and oh yeah, you!

Now the fun part - develop an investment plan

Oh I dont know where to start. Seriously? Yeah you do,

Keep adjusting your finance plan until you are working to be not working!

Profesional advice needed here. Lots of boring rules to naviagte.
Pay a finacial planner and reap the benefits!

Make it tax efficient!

Thre is no prize in paying more tax than you need to. But you need to make the right decision and not be deluded by tax deductions.

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