Your getting started guide
to all things financial

Light hearted

Read a chapter, some pages or the whole lot in one go


Enough detail without getting too boring

For anyone starting out

First job and no idea? This is for you

First job?

This is for you

Later in Life?

This is also for you

Buy it for your kids!

Yes, still for you

Need a look inside?

So why me?
The Fine Print
Money Beans 12 Rules
First Job (maybe ever, or maybe after a long time)
Time to open a Bank Account
Debit Cards and Credit Cards too!
If you want to live a comfortable life – learn the Habit of Saving.
Power of Compounding
But what if you want more?
So, what to do with your pay-packet?
Taxation – we all benefit from it but no one likes paying it!
Tax Declaration
Tax Rates
Tax Returns
How to lodge a tax return
Down the track – as Your Career Grows. Where to Invest.
What to do with all this money?
Where to Invest? It’s all too confusing.
The Shares vs Real Estate Dichotomy
The Money Beans Golden Investment Plan
OK, the Home is Paid off; Next Step!
What I like, and don’t like about both real estate and shares
So now to the Stock Market – What it is and why might you want to get involved.
Events that can happen in the life of a share
All about Loans and Gearing
Home Loans
Boring stats
What is the Home Buying Process and what other costs are there?
What is a mortgage?
Different Types of Home Loans
Other factors with loans
Variable vs Fixed rate
How to Cheat the Banks
Other Types of Loans
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Where to Buy Insurance
Later Stages in Life
The End
Gems amongst the Sharks
Beginners Education Glossary

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